For over three decades, our award-winning restaurant has specialized in serving fresh, local seafood at the peak of the season. We’re also dedicated to sustainability—partnering with local shellfish farms and fisheries that meet strict environmental standards. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

At Elliott’s, you’ll discover a variety of delicious options, including sustainable Dungeness crab, wild salmon from thriving runs, Alaskan halibut, Pacific Northwest shellfish, and more. To highlight the seafood’s natural, ocean flavors, we focus on simple preparations.

To further enhance your meal, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you choose the perfect beverage to pair with your dish. We offer a number of specialty cocktails and microbrews—along with an outstanding list of wines selected specifically to complement our fresh seafood. Choose from a noteworthy selection of whites and reds with a special focus on Washington and Oregon varietals.

Elliott’s knows oysters inside and out.

Through long-standing relationships with local growers, we’re known for serving the freshest oysters around. Our extensive oyster menu (updated twice daily) includes over 30 varieties—from the buttery Olympia to the bold European Flat.

The oysters at Elliott’s come directly from the cold, pure waters of the Pacific Northwest region. All are cultivated and harvested in certified, sustainable growing areas. We take care to select only the finest oysters six days a week. Every oyster is expertly shucked to order at our 21-foot oyster bar.

Our signature crab service.

Whether you prefer your Dungeness crab steamed, chilled or marinated, our expert preparation and attentive service promise you the ultimate seafood experience. Elliott’s starts by cooking the live crabs immediately in small batches to preserve the quality of the meat. Once cooked, the crabs are quickly chilled. Each crab is then cleaned and cracked to order for easy eating.