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Oyster New Year 2017 – Purchase Here!

Elliott's Oyster House in Seattle, Wash., Friday Aug. 1, 2008. Photo by Mike Urban.

This sell-out event features local seafood treasures along with over 60 wineries to complement our fresh fare. Elliott’s Oyster House hosts this event annually to bring awareness to the positive efforts of Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF), a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the Sound’s water quality and native marine species and their habitats. Elliott’s long-standing partnerships with responsible growers ensure that everything we serve comes from a sustainable local resource dedicated to the well-being of our environment. Additionally, Elliott’s makes a separate donation each year to support PSRF, which totals more than $100,000 to date. Should you wish to donate directly to PSRF, you may find information on their website here: Puget Sound Restoration Fund.


OpenTable® 2014 Diners’ Choice Award

OpenTable diners rated Elliott’s Oyster House restaurant one of the best.

Zagat Rated Excellent & Top List for Raw Bars

Elliott's scored a total food score of 24 on Zagat rating and review, which puts us squarely in the excellent category.

Local champion shows how to shuck an oyster

Seattle Times | Local champion shows how to shuck an oyster. cigars buy online By Rebekah Denn. To some people, it's just plain old happy hour at Elliott's Oyster House. To sous chef Jorge Hernandez, it's time for championship-style shucking.

Elliott’s supports recovery of native abalone.

Seattle’s seafood mecca expands partnership with Puget Sound Restoration Fund to support recovery of the only native abalone species in Puget Sound Through March 31, the Puget Sound Restoration Fund is raising $50,000 to help rebuild the Salish Sea’s only native abalone population – the mighty Haliotis kamtschatkana – or Pinto abalone. Currently considered functionally…

Oyster New Year Nets $10,000 for Puget Sound Restoration Fund.

Oyster New Year is our annual celebration of the Northwest oyster season and the biggest oyster bash on the west coast. This year’s 18th annual event not only served up 21,000 oysters to a crowd of 900, it netted $10,000 for the Puget Sound Restoration Fund to benefit restoration efforts in Henderson Inlet.